Swardman Warranty

We understand that things can, and do, go wrong from time to time. We are here to support you.

We want you to get the most from your Swardman ownership experience and thoroughly enjoy using your Swardman equipment.

Reliability is a key element of this which is why Swardman offers a comprehensive 2 year warranty for domestic users and a 12-month warranty for professional users.

Garden Imports UK Ltd is here to fully you support you in the rare event that there is a deficiency or breakdown with your Swardman equipment.

We will work with you and with Swardman to identify the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction. Owners will get the most from their experience if they take good care of their mower, take time to understand how the mower works and the limitations. Owners should also be comfortable carrying out maintenance and repair tasks as this will minimise downtime.

In the rare event that your mower needs to be recalled to our service centre, owners are responsible for packing their mower with suitable packaging and protective materials to ensure safe handling during transport and to avoid any damage to the mower. Packing instructions can be found here. The owner must secure the mower to a pallet before any collection can be arranged. We recommend retaining the original packaging (it can fold flat) and pallet.

The Process:

  • Please complete the warranty form on this page.
  • Send some images (10 MB limit) per file to help explain the issue.
  • We’ll validate your claim and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We will then agree on the best method to address the issue.
  • Some parts can be very easily fitted by owners, in which case we may simply send a replacement part to you.
  • We may ask you to work with a local repair shop for more complicated tasks that you are not comfortable addressing yourself.
  • For any serious serious issues and, always as a last resort, we may collect your equipment and address the issue at our service centre.
  • In all instances, you will be kept fully informed.
We accept PNG and JPG formats, smaller than 10MB.
Briggs and Stratton Logo

Briggs and Stratton Warranty

Warranty Policy

Swardman Edwin mowers produced since July 2021 are provided with a Briggs and Stratton XR550 petrol engine backed up with a comprehensive 24 month warranty policy. The warranty policy is available here:

Warranty Repairs

In the UK, Briggs and Stratton facilitate a dealer network consisting of over 800+ dealers that support the consumer directly and these dealers are suitably qualified to carry out warranty repairs. Consumers should not carry out any repairs or make any modifications to their engines.

If you have an issue with your engine then please contact a Briggs and Stratton dealer to discuss the problem.