World-class tools for serious gardeners.

Radius Garden produce very high quality tools with incredible strength and versatility and designed for ease of use and comfort.

Raduis Garden Root Slayer tools

Root Slayer

The ultimate root destroying tools.

The Root Slayer range eliminates the need for other tools, such as hatchets, pry-bars, and saws, when digging around the garden or out on the trail.

You can use the Root Slayer tools for shovelling, spade work or edging wherever you want to simply rip through tough ground and roots.

Pro Stainless

Professional grade tools made from stainless steel.

These heavy-duty, stainless steel tools with resin-encased steel shafts, feature proprietary blades designed by an internationally recognised horticultural specialist.

Built for professional use, these come with the assurance that they will get the job done and last a lifetime.

Raduis Garden Pro-lite tools

Pro Lite

Lightweight tools with longer, fibre-glass shafts.

Lighter weights and longer, fibre-glass shafts make the Pro-Lite tools ideal for home gardeners who want to bend over less and work with lighter tools.

Featuring the same blade designs as the PRO series, these will soon become your go-to digging tools.

Raduis Garden hand tools

Hand Tools

Ergonomic tools designed to last a lifetime.

We know of no garden hand tools that are more widely endorsed and highly rated than Radius Garden’s remarkable, ergonomic Natural Radius Grip hand tools.

Buy these ergonomic gardening hand tools once and use for a lifetime of gardening comfort.

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Ergonomic Hand Tools