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Garden Imports
Garden Imports

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Outstanding irrigation on ultra-low water pressure.

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The SumiSoaker is an innovative irrigation solution that operates effectively on extreme low pressure and provides an ultra-fine spray that delivers water at the optimum rate for absorption into the soil, leaving seed undisturbed, eliminating soil erosion and without any surface pooling or run-off.

The SumiSoaker delivers 0.55 litres of water per metre per minute at just 0.8 bar, that’s the equivalent of 6.5mm of rainfall per hour.

  • Works with extreme low water pressure (0.8 bar)
  • Provides great coverage
  • Minimises run off and pooling
  • Saves water
  • Uniform irrigation
  • Low impact spray protects seeds and soil
  • Flexible hose allows for curved watering pattern
  • Cost effective irrigation system

Each SumiSoaker comes with a Tube Filter, Stopper and 20mm Connector (fits standard UK hosepipe connector) and is available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50 metre lengths. Spraying up to 5m wide, coverage of up to 250 sqm can be achieved. (see Description). Buy the SumiSoaker Reel for a discounted price of just £24.99 at the same time.

For help on choosing what length to order, scroll down to the Description section.


What length shall I order?

The SumiSoaker dispenses on average 0.55 litres of water per metre per minute. Whilst it works on low water pressure, you still need to have a flow rate through your water supply that is high enough to provide sufficient water per minute. The longer the SumiSoaker, the more water you need available. The average flow rate at a domestic property in the UK is 10-15 litres per minute. That is sufficient to run a 20m SumiSoaker, which requires 11.8 litres per minute.

Check your flow rate before ordering by timing yourself filling up a bucket. If a 10 litre bucket fills in 1 and a half minutes, then your flow rate will be: 10 divided by 1.5 = 6.6 Litres per minute.

Flow Rates Required:

  • 15m SumiSoaker – 8.8 litres per minute
  • 20m SumiSoaker – 11.8 litres per minute
  • 30m SumiSoaker – 17.7 litres per minute
  • 50m SumiSoaker – 26.7 litres per minute


The performance of the SumiSoaker will depend on many factors and will be different at every property in the UK. For best results, connect as closely as possible to the water source and use as short a length of SumiSoaker and connector hose as possible. Domestic water supplies will not normally be sufficient to get a 5m wide spray across lengths greater than 25m, unless running downhill. Customers will need to experiment with the SumiSoaker and their water supply to find the best setup for optimal results.

Do not operate on maximum pressure from your water source as this may damage the SumiSoaker. Fill the SumiSoaker slowly and gradually open the tap until results are optimal.  Most domestic properties will only require the tap to be opened a minimal amount.

Setup & Review

YouTube’s NoviceGardener has put together this fantastic overview of the SumiSoaker.

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Swedish Lawn Guru Sam, from Sam’s Lawn, takes an in-depth look at the SumiSoaker.

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This video from LawnRight Lawn Care is well worth a watch. It shows how to set the SumiSoaker up and you can see it it action.

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Low Pressure

The SumiSoaker is quite simply the best solution we’ve ever seen for low water pressure irrigation.

Once connected to your standard garden hose, the tap does not need to be opened all the way. In fact, the SumiSoaker requires so little pressure, in most cases the tap should hardly be open at all.

Real World Tests

  • We’ve found that in average low pressure conditions at a standard length of 15 metres, the SumiSoaker will produce a spray 4-5 metres wide along the whole length, easily covering 60-75 sqm at once.
  • Gravity helps! If the hose is running slightly downhill, a spray 5 metres wide on a length of 25 metres is easily achieved, covering 125 sqm. Much greater coverage is possible depending on the individual slope of the property.
  • A 50m length on a short connection in my garden running slightly uphill produced a spray between 3.4 and 4m in width. The lowest width is where the slope crests. This was right off my garden tap (not great pressure). So that’s 170 to 200 sqm of coverage. Much better than a sprinkler!
  • The smallest amount of wind is also helpful as it this disperses the ultra-fine spray even further.
  • Longer lengths of hose and greater coverage are possible with increased pressure and flow rate.

Operating Manual

The SumiSoaker is very easy to use but the operating manual contains everything you need to know. Please read it before using your SumiSoaker.

SumiSoaker Operating Manual

Additional information


15m+Reel, 20m+Reel, 30m+Reel, 50m+Reel, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m, 100m

1 review for SumiSoaker

  1. Tim – Surrey 13/07/22

    Such a brilliant idea and a great way to keep the garden alive using very little water.
    The spray is really fine and soaks the lawn in no time plus with a 25m strip I can do the whole lawn in one go!
    Brilliant and I would definitely recommend.

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