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Garden Imports
Garden Imports

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Radius Root Slayer - The ultimate root destroying tools - cut, saw, dig and kick roots.
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Root Slayer Nomad

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Root Slayer Nomad

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This multi-purpose, highly-portable digging tool is great for metal-detecting and using in small spaces.

The Root Slayer Nomad, a compact yet powerful tool, stands out as an exceptional companion for on-the-go gardeners. Its innovative design, featuring a sharp carbon steel blade with serrated edges, effortlessly tackles root-bound soil, making it ideal for transplanting, weeding, and general soil cultivation. The Nomad’s portability, combined with its robust construction and ergonomic handle, ensures efficient and comfortable use in various gardening scenarios. Whether you’re maintaining your own garden or embarking on outdoor adventures, the Root Slayer Nomad proves itself as an indispensable, versatile tool for cultivating healthy and thriving plants, showcasing the epitome of gardening convenience.

In stock


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