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PRO Plugger

5-in-1 Planting Tool

Pound sterling


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Dig planting holes from a comfortable standing position…from bulbs and annuals to bedding plants and ground covers. The ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool digs the perfect depth hole from 2”, 4” or 6” (depth rings included). The hole diameter is 2.1 inches (54mm).

Soil gets stored as you work and empties easily by turning the tool upside down. The sturdy 5-IN-1 is also great for planting and transplanting lawn plugs and eliminating hard-to-kill weeds (thistles, dandelions…) as well as taking core soil samples.


In stock

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Plant like a Pro by doing most of the work from a comfortable standing position, quickly digging one hole after another. The soil gets stored in the tool as you work and empties in seconds by turning the tool upside down. Depth rings (included) allow you to consistently dig perfect planting holes at 2″, 4″ or even 6″ depth. Ideal for many planting & transplanting projects including flower-bulbs and flowers grown in flats or trays, ground covers and even garden vegetables.

Makes a great lawn plugger (NOT recommended for St Augustine grass) and a truly organic weeding tool for those hard-to-kill weeds with deep tap-roots (dandelions, wild onions, thistles etc…). Pulls over 500 plugs per hour without bending over. Also makes a great drip-edge fertilizing tool for your trees and a core soil sample tool.

ProPlugger Five in 1

Lawn Repairs

Repair bare spots in a lawn

Bermuda Grass Plugs

Planting Bulbs

How to plant bulbs

Planting Tulip and Daffodil bulbs

Planting Annuals

Planting Salvia with the ProPlugger

Planting Annuals

Planting Groundcovers

Planting Dwarf Mondo Grass

Planting Groundcovers

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