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Garden Imports

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LawnVent Cordless Lawn Aerator

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LawnVent Cordless Lawn Aerator

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New for 2024, we are pleased to introduce a new concept in automated aeration for lawn care professionals and domestic lawn care enthusiasts.

LawnVent is an easy to use, motorised garden tool designed to aerate your lawn. Powered by your own cordless battery drill, the LawnVent is designed with an adjustable fitting mechanism to support a wide variety of drills from different manufacturers. In tests, a LawnVent powered by a Dewalt drill with a 5 AH battery produced 1,800 holes at 10mm diameter and 120mm deep in 35 minutes. We think that’s fairly impressive.

  • 4 drill bits, producing holes 120mm deep with a 10mm diameter.
  • Much faster than traditional garden tools, achieving an average of 50 holes per minute.
  • Pull the simple, handle activated trigger and then press down to drill.
  • Release the press and the LawnVent automatically springs back and withdraws the drill bits for ease of use.
  • Quick and easy drill bit change to adjust length or bit type for different soil conditions.
  • Height adjustable handles.
  • Free-standing with small footprint makes it easy to store and gain access to properties with narrow side entrances.
  • Designed in the UK and Patent Protected.

The LawnVent has yet to go into full production and currently exists in prototype form only. We are looking to see what level of interest there might be in this kind of machine in order to understand whether to bring the LawnVent to market.

Please use the In Stock Notification function below to register your interest and to be kept informed of future developments.

Available on back-order

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