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Swardman Fork Aerator Solid Tines

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New for 2022, a set of 3, replaceable, stainless-steel solid tines for the Swardman Fork Aerator. Designed to last a lifetime.

These solid tines are incredible quality, beautifully manufactured from high grade stainless steel. Penetrating the soil to a depth of 100mm each, these are the perfect size for effortless aeration of your lawn when you don’t want to remove a core. Simply remove the hollow tines and bolt these ones into place.

In stock

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Care and Maintenance

Soil is extremely abrasive and, despite popular opinion, Stainless Steel can rust when the protective surface layer is scratched.

To ensure optimum long-term performance and durability, the tool should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after every use, taking care to remove all organic matter. A light coating of oil or WD40 should be applied onto all parts that have been in contact with the ground. The tool should not be stored outside.

Additional information

Dimensions 130 × 16 cm


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