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Battery-powered backpack sprayers

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FlowZone Typhoon 3.0 Battery Backpack Sprayer

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FlowZone Typhoon 3.0 Battery Backpack Sprayer

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The FlowZone Typhoon 3.0 Battery Backpack Sprayer is the next generation sprayer from FlowZone. Launched in 2023, this new model features improved shock and water resistance, a detachable hose, wedge-lock wand holsters, an all-new tank design, improved liquid indicator markings, sealed internal electronics and improved serviceability. Supplied with a range of Quick-Connect Nozzles including a 40 degree fan nozzle, 110 degree fan nozzle, adjustable misting nozzle and a zero degree pin stream nozzle.

A Professional-Grade sprayer with industry leading output and coverage, the Flow-Zone Typhoon 3.0 comes equipped with a five-setting variable pressure control dial and is the most powerful battery powered backpack sprayer, capable of spraying up to 10 metres with pressures up to 115 psi and a battery life of up to three hours from a single charge.

  • Rechargeable 18V/5.2 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • Waterproof battery compartment
  • 3.0 hours spray time
  • Pressure washer style spray gun with quick-connect attachments
  • High quality brass connectors
  • Strainer Basket and Inlet Filter prevents blockages
  • Black UV-resistant hose
  • 8 metre spray distance
  • ComfortStraps backpack system
  • 5 variable pressure settings
  • Pressure range from 8psi to 115psi

60cm Double Nozzle Boom Wand

A Double Nozzle Boom for wider spray patterns. This one is 24 inches (60 cm) long and comes complete with two red 110 degree flat fan nozzles.

18V 5.2 Ah Battery pack

Add 2-3 hours more spraying time with an additional 5.2 AH battery.

Cone Shield Drift Guard with Quick Connect Fan Nozzle

A handy accessory to reduce the risk of any sprayed chemicals drifting outside the desired area. Supplied with a quick connect fan nozzle.

FlowZone Heavy Duty Trolley for BackPack Sprayers

Ditch the backpack straps and the extra weight on your back with this handy heavy-duty trolley that fits all FlowZone Cyclone and Typhoon backpack sprayers.

6 metre UV Resistant PVC Extension Hose

A 6m extension hose to increase the working range of the sprayer. This extension hose can be attached to the standard 1.5m hose.

18 inch Stainless Steel Dripless Wand with 45 Degree Bend

These Stainless Steel wands have a check-valve that prevents any residual fluid dripping after releasing the spray trigger. This one is 18  inches (45 cm) long and has a 45 degree bend for which is useful not only for general ground spraying applications but also for hard to reach areas.

Available on back-order

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Tank Capacity:
15 Litres

18V / 5.2 Ah Lithium-Ion

Charge Time:
1.5 hours

Spray Time:
up to 3 hours

from 8 to 115psi

Spray Distance:
10 metres

Flow Rate:
1-2 litres per minute

Zero degree pin stream
25 degree fan jet
110 degree fan jet
Adjustable cone misting

Most seals are Viton
Tank gasket and inlet tube are PVC

Operating Manual:

FlowZone Cyclone 3.0 Operating Guide

Introducing the FlowZone Typhoon 3.0

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