Note: Stock arrives at the beginning of July, Pre-Order now available

New for 2024, the Artemis Lawn Aerator is an outstanding lawn aeration tool offering unrivalled levels of performance, quality and value. It is the only high-quality lawn aerator available under £100. Supplied with BOTH hollow AND solid tines, you can carry out all forms of aeration throughout the season with just one tool that is built to last.

The Artemis Lawn Aerator helps to deliver oxygen, water and other nutrients into the root system of your grass. As it comes with open-faced hollow tines for removing and ejecting cores, it can be used for reducing compaction in your lawn without blocking up the tines. Additionally, the inclusion of solid tines allows you to get all the benefits of aeration without having to remove (or clear up) soil cores taken out of the lawn.

Featuring a painted steel shaft with open-faced, stainless steel, replaceable (and swappable) tines, the Artemis Lawn Aerator is an affordable, durable and efficient lawn aerator that is extremely easy to use. The hollow tines are bevelled (pointed) to make it easier to penetrate the ground and both the hollow and solid tines are precision engineered from high-strength stainless steel which will prevent rusting.

This product is an affordable, durable and efficient lawn aerator that we believe offers outstanding performance, flexibility and value for money.

  • Open-faced, stainless steel tines prevent jamming and clogging during aeration.
  • Each tine is removable for easy cleaning and storage and replacement if one becomes damaged.
  • Bevelled stems at the base of tines assist with soil penetration.
  • Sufficient room in both width and height for any size shoe or boot.
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use upon delivery.
  • Heat treated powder coated finish.
  • Comfort soft grip foam handles.