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Garden Imports
Garden Imports

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Outstanding seed mixes developed from the finest cultivars
to deliver fantastic quality lawns in a range of different environments in the UK.

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American Dark Green Grass Seed

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American Dark Green Grass Seed


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This is a specially developed mix of American seed that produces a dark green, luxurious finish and maintains a beautiful colour all year round thanks to the Corsica Creeping Rye, Esquire Perennial Ryegrass and selected Dwarf Tall Fescue, Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass and Hard Fescues in the mix.

The American Dark Green Seed mix is fast to establish and germinate, has high levels of drought resistance and will grow nicely in a range of soils. It is also has good level of tolerance for shady conditions and works well in damp or wet conditions.

If you’re looking for a lawn with a darker-green-than-normal appearance that produces a luxurious, velvety, dense sward that shines all year round, then this is a great choice.

(see below for Pack Size Guide)

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Seed Mix:
25% CSI CORSICA Creeping Rye
25% ESQUIRE Perennial Ryegrass
20% SC1 Dwarf Tall Fescue
20% MIRACLE Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
10% RIDU Hard Fescue

DEFRA Approved

Optimum pH:
5.5 to 7.0

Store in a cool, dry place that is secure and out of reach of any rodents.

Application Rates:

New Lawns : 50-70 grams per m²
Overseeding : 20-35 grams per m²

Coverage & Pack Size Guide:

Pack Weight (kg) New Lawn (m²) Overseeding (m²)
2 56 80
5 140 200
10 280 400
20 560 800
100 2800 4000

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