Frequently Asked Questions

Is technical support available in the UK?

Yes. Garden Imports UK Ltd has been appointed by Landzie to represent them in the UK and EU. We have full customer service, technical support, spare parts and warranty repairs all done here in the UK . Just contact us through the website and we will be very happy to help. We have full technical support from Landzie direct.

What products can I use with the Spreaders?

The spreaders are design for use with lightweight materials. Peat moss, compost and fine mulch are all ideal.

Lighter loads of topsoil, or a topsoil/sand mixture will work in our Landzie spreaders but the spreaders must be used at low speed as the heavier materials can damage the gate and put too much pressure on the spring clips.

Can I use the Landzie Spreaders with sand?

Theoretically, our Spreaders should work for spreading sand, however we have not tested our products with this medium. The cage openings on both size spreaders are specifically designed for compost, peat moss, and other lightweight topdressings. Because sand is much finer and heavier in comparison, for optimal results a controlled amount should be placed into the barrel due to increased weight. Landzie is working on designing a product specifically for sand, but that is still a few months away from being widely available.

How much can I fit into a spreader?

The maximum capacity of the 24″ spreader is 80 litres (2.8 cubic feet) while the 44″ holds 200 litres (7.2 cubic feet)

What area will the spreader cover?

The Landzie 24″ spreader will cover approximately 23 sqm (250 sqf)  when filled with peat moss or compost at about a thickness of around 3-4mm (1/8th of an inch.)

The Landzie 44″ spreader will cover approximately 55 sqm (600 sqf)  when filled with peat moss or compost at about a thickness of around 3-4mm (1/8th of an inch.)

How long is the handle?

The original Landzie Spreader had a handle length of 61cm (24″). From April 2021, the Spreaders will come with a 63cm (25″) handle.