Meeting the demand for top quality lawn care equipment.

It seems to me that there are too many well-known, innovative products that are not readily available in the UK.  Garden imports UK has been set up to bring this equipment to the UK so all of us, lawn care professionals and enthusiasts alike, can enjoy using it. There is no reason why we can’t have the best equipment here in the UK and at sensible prices.

I have held a long standing interest in gardening machinery since my days spent working school holidays with a landscape gardening company.

I have also run my own business since I left university in 1995 and now, with grown-up kids and more time on my hands, I’ve decided to start a business bringing together my passion for lawn care and 25 years of business experience.

I am a recently converted gardening enthusiast and during my (ongoing) project to transform my garden lawn from something resembling a churned up paddock into a reasonably presentable lawn, I spend quite a bit of time researching the best tools and products to help with caring for a large lawn.