The finest lawn care and gardening tools in the World.

Brought to the UK for lawn care professionals and domestic enthusiasts.

FlowZone Cyclone

FlowZone Cyclone Battery Backpack Sprayer

The FlowZone Cyclone 2.5 Battery Backpack Sprayer is the best performing backpack battery sprayer available.

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Charles Dowding
Ash Dibber

Charles Dowding Dibber

We’ve partnered with the legendary market gardener Charles Dowding to design this beautiful hardwood long-handled Dibber.

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The Landzie Compost Spreader is the perfect tool for easily spreading compost and other lightweight topdressing materials.

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Lawn Level

Landzie lawn level

The Landzie 36×12 inch lawn level delivers perfect balance and weight distribution for comfortable use over extended periods of time.

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Electra Red 3020

The finest domestic cylinder mowers in the World. Low running costs, exceptional performance and unbelievably quiet.

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Raduis Garden Root Slayer tools

Incredible quality, high strength, root-slaying tools for serious domestic and professional gardeners.

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Introducing SumiSoaker, the most gentle irrigation solution.

Using the latest, third-generation micro-perforation laser technology from Japan, the SumiSoaker is an innovative irrigation solution for lawn care enthusiasts and professionals. Unlike most sprinklers, it operates effectively on extreme low pressure and provides an ultra-fine spray that delivers water at the optimum rate for absorption into the soil, leaving seed undisturbed, eliminating soil erosion and without any surface pooling or run-off.

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Key Benefits:

  • Works under low water pressure
  • Provides great coverage
  • Saves water
  • Uniform irrigation
  • Low impact spray protects seeds and soil
  • Flexible hose allows for curved watering pattern
  • Cost effective irrigation system
  • Minimises run off and pooling

Low Pressure

The SumiSoaker is quite simply the best solution we’ve ever seen for low water pressure irrigation.

Once connected to your standard garden hose, the tap does not need to be opened all the way. In fact, the SumiSoaker requires so little pressure, in most cases the tap should hardly be open at all.

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FlowZone Cyclone Battery Backpack Sprayer

The FlowZone Cyclone 2.5 Battery Backpack Sprayer is the most comfortable and best performing backpack battery sprayer available. With 5 variable pressure settings, it can spray for over 2 hours on a single charge. We’ve worked with lawn care professionals and enthusiasts in the UK testing dozens of different models and decided that this is the one that we need to have, it’s a fantastic piece of kit.

We’ve made it happen and here it is.

  • Rechargeable 18V/2.6Ah Li-Ion battery
  • Waterproof battery compartment
  • Up to 2.5 hours spray time
  • Pressure washer style spray gun with quick-connect attachments
  • High quality brass connectors
  • Black UV-resistant hose
  • 8 metre spray distance
  • ComfortStraps backpack system
  • 5 variable pressure settings
  • Pressure range from 8psi to 60psi
FlowZone Cyclone Battery Backpack Sprayer
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Garden Imports UK is the exclusive representative for the Landzie Industries product range in the UK and across Europe.

Landzie design and manufacture innovative, quality, garden equipment and machinery. Launched in 2020 with the best-selling 24-inch compost spreader, Landzie have an incredibly exciting range of products now available in the UK and throughout Europe.

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Garden Imports UK has established a partnership with Swardman to represent their full product range in the UK.

Founded in 2013, Swardman set out with a vision to become the producer of the best cylinder mowers in the world. Ease of use, the finest materials and the most precise engineering combine to produce the most perfect cut possible on a blade of grass.

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